Our services

Clearing out and household clearances

We are happy to support you if you want to clear out your office, halls, house, flat or even just individual areas such as the garage or attic. Our job is to collect your items and furniture that you no longer need. Of course, we will also dispose of them in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.

In addition to the activities for a clear-out, we also take on flat clear-outs or house clear-outs. As an experienced service provider, we have an appropriate fleet of vehicles and can therefore take on all these activities in an uncomplicated and reliable manner.

Professional disposal

Your old furniture, office equipment or clothing will be disposed of in accordance with the applicable disposal guidelines and environmental regulations. We work exclusively with certified disposal companies. The recyclable materials are separated, processed and recycled.

Clean handover

The completion of your clearing out includes a swept handover. This includes removing curtain rods and loose carpets as well as removing nails from the wall. The clean-swept handover is also included, as are the disposal costs for the cleared items.

Offices are seen as the main administration of a company and over time material and furniture that are no longer needed accumulate in them. The workforce is busy with the core business and usually hardly has time to “clean out”. We are happy to take over here, of course after consultation with you, and develop a detailed plan for clearing out or disposal.

Of course, our employees act discreetly and have absolute integrity. After all, there is sometimes sensitive data in an office. Especially when it comes to the meticulous destruction of files, for example, we are at your side as a serious partner. In commercial enterprises, this often results in larger expenses.

Our clearing service

  • Clearing out of all kinds
  • Bulky waste collection and disposal
  • Clearing out of basements, garages and attics
  • Apartment and basement resolutions
  • Apartment liquidation (household liquidation)
  • Company liquidation (commercial, office and warehouse liquidation)
  • Dissolution of estate

Do you have questions about our services?

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer at the best conditions according to your specifications and time schedule. You receive a full all-round service and don’t have to worry about anything.