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About Us

ESA Dienstleistung GmbH, based in Langen, is one of the most renowned removal service providers in Germany and stands for professional and high-quality service in all aspects of the transport and storage of furniture in the commercial and private sectors.

We see ourselves as a full-service provider, offering customers a solution for all their needs. Our main business is the move itself, however, we offer our customers additional services such as renovation and painting work, drywall work, disposal of furniture that is no longer in use and everything else that is desired in the context of a move.

In our traditionally owner-managed company, we recognised early on how important qualified and motivated employees are for the success of the company. We promote the satisfaction and thus the willingness to perform of our employees through family-like and respectful cooperation. In addition, we always offer further training, such as driver training to increase safety during transport or packaging theory to ensure that packaging is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and yet safe.

What ESA offers you:

  • Free relocation advice!
  • An individual, transparent offer!
  • Trained specialist staff!
  • A comprehensive moving goods insurance (even above the legal standard)!
  • A special transport protection for your furniture!
  • Perfect service from A to Z.
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